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What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Congressional Harassment?

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  • I am 29 years old and my name is Elizabeth Beam. I life in Eschenmosen (Switzerland).
India is democratic nation and there are multiple political parties prevail. The most sought after news is political news in India as people want to know that what exactly going on in the politics game. The role of journalists is very important as it conveys the news to the audiences instantly. Indian politics news is the most highlighted and latest news content that gets maximum number of audiences. There is ultimate volatility and happenings in Indian politics every now and then, that’s why journalists easily get the latest news from the politics galore. However, when it comes to convey the India news to the audiences whether via print media or broadcasting media, they take care of their audiences’ choices and demands. That’s why news is edited by the editor to make it more understandable for the audiences. Usually, Indian constitution allows people to create political parties and participate in election. There are some rules and regulation to fight election and each person has to fulfill those criteria to participate in election. There are multiple latest news available ready for the journalists regarding the politic activities.
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